Ultimate Budget Tracker - 50/30/20 Method

Make sure you never overbudget ever again

Conquer your budget by tracking your expenses and ensuring that you adhere to the 50/30/20 rule. This rule helps you allocate your income effectively by limiting your spending to specific percentages.


Expense and Budget Tracking

Take full control of your finances with our advanced expense and income categorization system. Our template follows the popular 50/30/20 budgeting rule, ensuring a harmonious financial life.


Account and Credit Card Monitoring

Monitor your bank account and credit card balances seamlessly within our Notion template. Stay updated on your financial standing and avoid surprises or overdrafts.


See all your To Do List in One Place

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50/30/20 Rules

Set your budget based on needs, savings, and wants. Track its progress every month.


See all your To Do List in One Place

Receive detailed monthly reports that provide a comprehensive breakdown of your spending. It's like having your own personal accountant, helping you understand your financial habits and make adjustments accordingly.

Pay Once Use Forever

Ultimate Budget Tracker - 50/30/20 Method

Pro Version

- Intuitively Designed Dashboard
- Budget Tracker
- 50/30/20 Tracker
- Account and Credit Card Tracker
- Monthly Report



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